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scada: the heartbeat of Ems & adms
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Power Technologies Inc has over a decade of experience working with SCADA systems and components.
We consult and work with companies in all phases of SCADA systems design, deployment and maintenance.


Power Technologies was founded in 2016 and incorporated in Sheridan, Wyoming, as an engineering service provider and SCADA systems services company. Since then, Power Tech worked with some of the largest utilities in the nation to provide Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Systems services. We have worked in different transmission and distribution projects ranging from integrating EMS/ADMS systems, upgrading an existing EMS/ADMS, and building an EMS/ADMS from the ground up. We specialize in RTU testing, feeder level devices integration, DNP3 communications, Inter-Control Center Protocol (ICCP), master station builds, inter-master station integration, project support, Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT), Site Acceptance Testing (SAT), and User Acceptance Testing (UAT).


Power Technologies supports your energy management systems (EMS) and enables the operation of a smarter grid with unmatched reliability, security, and resilience. We have worked on a variety of transmission and distribution projects, integrating EMS systems, upgrading existing EMS systems, and building EMS systems from the ground up. We support you at all stages of the process, whether you are building a SCADA system from the very beginning, upgrading your system to an existing one, or augmenting your staff. Power Technologies is your SCADA expert in SCADA system integration in the following fields:

SCADA one-line displays building and testing
Remote terminal unit (RTU) templates designed for your EMS
System maintenance and construction project building
EMS upgrades and project designs
EMS staff augmentation & support services
​Evaluation & optimizing your systems for better reliability


Our team offers OMS implementation, supporting requirements evaluation to data migration, integration, business process development, and testing. We analyze and design FLISR/VVO/OMS and system requirements, use cases, process designs, and conduct gap analyses. Our integration solutions include detailed requirement analysis, use case development, and system design. We specialize in substation migration and building, including single-line drawing creation and substation internals maintenance. Our network model building involves data gap review and manual building. We validate network model, develop success criteria and plans, and provide detailed reporting. Network model tuning includes criteria development and system adjustments. Our SCADA services encompass migration, configuration, and integration into ADMS environment. We develop and configure ADMS symbology, views, and screens, focusing on user-friendly interfaces. We lead testing phases, plan, execute, and report methodically. Our cutover services manage planning, execution, and monitoring for system transitions. We offer ADMS component training, ensuring operational readiness. Lastly, our staff augmentation provides expertise across SCADA, Network Model, OMS, and GIS, guiding projects from inception to completion.


Power Technologies’ consulting services are designed to assist utilities in maximizing the performance of their existing and future SCADA systems. We have years of experience with all phases of SCADA systems and competence in a variety of SCADA systems. Whether you require a turnkey solution or an individual professional to bridge a gap in your team, we can assist you in locating the ideal candidate.

​Power Technologies is constantly on the lookout for methods to assist clients in locating the talent they deserve. Finding the proper person in today’s market scenario may be difficult, but we are here to assist. We would be delighted to speak with you about your staffing requirements and assist you in locating the best candidate for the job.


Power technologies has extensive experience working with a variety of RTUs and electric devices, troubleshooting communication problems, and assessing SCADA master stations. We have experience working with RTUs from a variety of manufacturers, including Honeywell, S&C, Eaton Cooper, SEL, Orion, and Tridium.

When it comes to SCADA system maintenance, our philosophy is to upgrade the system incrementally, one component at a time. We take system disruption very seriously and go to considerable lengths to ensure the continued stability of your existing SCADA system. We have substantial knowledge with the communication platforms and protocols that are widely used in energy management systems throughout the world, including DNP3, Modbus, ICCP, and OPC.


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    Our team has had the privilege of collaborating with a diverse range of utilities, contributing to their success and growth. Below is a selection of these esteemed partners we have worked with previously, reflecting our commitment to excellence in the utility sector.

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