Emad Yahia

SCADA Consultant and Founder of Power Technologies Inc.
Emad Yahia, the founder of Power Technologies Inc., is an expert in SCADA with over 14 years of experience. His journey includes significant roles at SUNY Downstate Medical Center, PG&E, UC Santa Cruz, Sempra Energy, and Xcel Energy. His expertise in SCADA system configuration, design, and troubleshooting is well-documented throughout his career. As a Senior SCADA Consultant at Xcel Energy, Emad led teams and developed high-level technical solutions to ensure SCADA system reliability, productivity, and compliance. His entrepreneurial venture, Power Technologies Inc., specializes in SCADA and ADMS System, reflecting his dedication to innovation and sustainable development in the energy sector.

Ivan Protic

ADMS Technical Lead
Ivan Protic is an electrical engineer recognized for his dedication and extensive experience in the power utility sector, particularly through his work with well-known utilities such as PG&E, PSE, Ausgrid, Austin Energy, EPCOR, Caruna, and Electricity North West Limited. His deep understanding of Schneider Electric’s ADMS, fostered during his significant time with the company, forms the cornerstone of his professional expertise. Ivan’s skill set is extensive, covering areas like OMS, network model, FLISR, UI, and advanced applications, demonstrating his ability to handle diverse aspects of the ADMS platform. At PG&E, he showcased his leadership and technical skills, focusing on requirement analysis, UI lead, design support, as well as significant contributions to substation builds and feeder migration. Ivan’s tenure at PSE involved a focused engagement in the design of FLISR and VVO applications. His varied experiences across multiple utility companies highlight his adeptness in the domain of grid modernization and ADMS implementation. Additionally, Ivan is recognized for his role as a strategic consultant in the industry, and he is a frequent speaker at major North American conferences, including events like DistribuTECH.

Aysar Ali

SCADA Consultant
Aysar Ali is a proficient SCADA Consultant, possessing a solid foundation in the utilities sector. His expertise is enhanced by his knowledge in tools such as AutoCAD, Oracle Database, SQL, Visual Basic, and C++. His career path includes key positions at CPS Energy, MWResource, Inc., Trissential, and Xcel Energy. During his time at CPS Energy, he played a vital role in updating databases, operating, and maintaining the SIEMENS Spectrum System, and developing SCADA displays. His experiences at MWResource and Trissential showcase his ability to align ADMS/SCADA design with business needs. At Xcel Energy, he led teams in system design and implementation for various applications, focusing on interface problem solving and business requirement analysis. Aysar’s skill set, including expertise in Oracle Database 12c, Unix, Microsoft Office, AIX, ICCP, DNP3, SQL, and SCADA, makes him an invaluable contributor in the field of EMS SCADA.
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